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Her Life Depends on a Performance Fit for the Enemy King...

Sixteen-year-old Piper Parish, princess of Capalon, is a disappointment to her future STEM-only kingdom, where innovation is above all and love is believed to be an illusion of the mind. Piper’s older sister, the queen, wants Piper to focus on her impending match with her future companion and finally put an end to her odd emotions, distracting behaviors and bizarre gut-feeling that their mother survived the fatal speedcraft accident that stole the lives of both their parents.

But when Piper receives an anonymous note stating her mother is alive and living in the enemy kingdom of Mondaria, Piper chooses to risk death in effort to prove once and for all that she's not just the queen's defective little sister. With the companionship of Chip, a piece of tech embedded in her wrist, Piper flees Capalon and enters a world where love and emotional expression are unrestricted.

Posing as Mondarian citizen Paris Marigold, Piper bumps into a cute black-haired boy named Ari who encourages her to audition for the King’s 100, an esteemed performance court of singers, magicians and drummers. Piper lands a spot as a singer and dives head-first into an unusual world of glittering dresses, girl-code, sugar, blackmail and physical contact - all while taking direction from an evil maestro.

As the search for her mother progresses, so do Piper’s friendships with her fellow court members and feelings for Ari. Piper risks death if she is revealed to be the Capalon princess, but discovers that living a life without the freedom to love might actually be the most dangerous risk of all.

Release date: July 2020 by Immortal Works Press