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12 Questions with the Voice of the King's 100, Olivia Barnes-Brett

1. Hi, Olivia! I love your English accent! It makes listening to the audiobook for the King's 100 so enjoyable! Where are you from?

Hi Karin! That’s really kind of you. I’m from Nottingham originally, which is a medium-sized city in the middle of England (yes, where Robin Hood is from!). I now live in Liverpool in the north of England. The area has some really beautiful beaches and scenery.

2. What kind of training did you have to do to become a voice-over artist? Do you only narrate books or have you also done other projects like commercials?

I did quite a bit of acting and voice training growing up, but never put it to good use until recently. This is my first narration project and I’ve enjoyed it so much! I can’t wait to get stuck into other projects.

3. How long did it take you to record the King's 100? It took a few months for me to record, edit, and produce the entire book. It’s such a fun read that I wanted it to be perfect!

4. Are you a master of many accents? Which ones are the hardest for you? Which are your favorites?

One of the things that might surprise US fans is just how much accents vary here in the UK. If you travel half an hour down the road, the accent will be so different! It means you have to spend quite a lot of time getting them perfect…which is a work in progress for me!

5. Do you have an in-home studio or do you record off-site?

I have a home studio, so I can do everything right here. My home setup and editing skills actually come from music recording - I love to sing.

6. Have you ever had to go back and re-record a scene for an unexpected dog bark or airplane noise?

I definitely have! You never realize how loud birds are until you spot one pleasantly chirping away in the background of a dramatic scene you’ve just recorded. I ended up having to block the window with a duvet to muffle the noise until it finally flew away.

7. How many other audiobooks have you narrated? What genres?

My voice is unique to the King’s 100 at the moment! But I love reading and listening to anything that feels a bit magical, whether that comes from a futuristic setting like The King’s 100 or actual magic.

8. Do you have another career or is voice over your full-time job?

Yes, I do! Last year, I left my full-time job to become a freelance copywriter (writing for businesses). I also teach French and English to adults from time to time. I love working with language, whether it’s narrating, writing, or teaching. It’s something I’m really geeky about!

9. Who was the most challenging character for you to read in the King's 100?

It was probably Layla! I really like how her character develops. She stands out as tough but very genuine, so I wanted her to have a distinct voice but it took a while to get it just right.

10. Who was your favorite character?

My absolute favorite character overall is Piper! But Maestro Leto was so fun to act with his crazy tantrums. (We’d call it “having a strop” over here!)

11. What’s something most people don't know about the voice-over industry?

I think when we picture voice actors, we think of celebrities voicing Disney characters in meticulously sound-proofed booths. In reality, there’s so much more home-studio work and many hours spent listening to your own voice while you edit! But that makes the project feel much more personal and rewarding, too.

12. How can people find out more about you/stay in touch?

I have a brand new Instagram account, for the first time ever! Come say hello and find out about new projects @oliviabarnesbrett

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