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Author Side Hustle -- Canva Bookbub Ad Templates!

Hello! If you've ever given BookBub a try, I'm sure you (like me) were confused by their bidding rules on ads and frustrated by their limited design options in their ad builder. Publishing isn't tossing out any 6-figure deals at me at the moment, so I thought I'd create some BookBub Ad templates in Canva to help other authors like me!

How do Bookbub Ads work?

I honestly don't know how they work...when I ran my ads, I set a budget, created my own ad, said a prayer, and waited for the results. And...I was very impressed with the click rate, which gave my re-released self-published title a great kick-start. So...I ran another ad...again, with my own design. Again, great results. BookBub ads work, but there's a secret...

What's the BookBub ad secret?

You gotta create your own ads! Bookbub's ad builder is very limited, so I started an Etsy shop where you can download pre-made, customizable templates or ask me to do all the work for you!

What's your Etsy shop?

I'm so glad you asked! Please head on over to the Pink18Boutique for your BookBub Ebook Ad template needs!

How does it work when I buy a template?

  1. Sign up for a FREE Canva account.

  2. Select the template you want from my shop.

  3. You'll receive a PDF file with a link to that template.

4. Edit the template as you see fit by uploading your own book cover, changing the quote text,

button, etc...

5. Save your final Ad as a PNG file and upload to BookBub Ads!

6. Run your promotion and see the results!

7. Don't forget, you can also ask me to do all the work for you through the Custom option - no

work on your end at all!

Please feel free to reach out to me through this website or message me through my Etsy shop!

Thank you for reading! :)

<3 Karin

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