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31 Things About My Author Life

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Thank you to #MeetThe2020s for this question list!

1. Introduce yourself to future readers.

Hello, future readers! My name is Karin and I live with my husband in Ohio and we have a toddler who thinks she's a teenager, a dog who thinks she's a human and a cat who thinks he's a dog. I love singing, romance and my coffee with cream, please.

2. Tell us about your book.

The King's 100 is a young adult sci-fi/romance novel about a future king's performance court of singers, drummers and magicians. It was the book I wanted to read in high school/college/let's be honest, it's the book I want to read even now in my thirties.

3. What were you doing three years ago?

Working as a full-time donor relations and events coordinator for a Big 10 university.

4.What do you like to read?

YA speculative fiction with ROMANCE.

5. How did you get the idea for your book?

It's a mixture of my own life experience as a singer in numerous performance groups, a very vivid dream I had about six years ago and countless hours of daydreams.

6. Pick a drink to pair with your book.

Hot chocolate!

7. Where does your book take place?

The future kingdoms of Capalon and Mondaria.

8. Tell us about your path to publication.

9. Introduce us to your main characters.

Piper Parish: Princess of Capalon who is on a dangerous quest to find her mother

Ari Novak: Drummer who loves flannel and hot chocolate

Layla Tanvi: Singer with a tough exterior but a wounded heart

Darden McCray: Magician with no apologies for being the greatest magician ever

Maestro Bernard Leto: Maestro of the King's 100 who is intimidating on good days

10. Share the first line of your book.

I handled my relationship with my sister the same way I handled a glass microscope slide - with as few fingerprints as possible and an irrational fear that one misstep could shatter everything.

11. What part of publishing has delighted you most?

Knowing that somebody read my work and liked it enough to offer me a publishing contract!

12. What do you do when you're not writing?

I'm a stay-at-home mom with about 10-15 hours a week of daycare time to work, so if I'm not writing, I'm momming.

13. Who's your favorite minor character?

Xavier, the King of Capalon. (Piper's unofficial brother-in-law)

14. What were your comp titles?

Cinder by Marissa Meyer, Frozen and Glee

(There were others but these are my favorites)

15. What are you the most excited about?

Talking to readers who love my book.

16. What are you the most nervous about?

That there might not be any readers who love my book.

17. Describe your book using only emojis.

👸🏼 🎤 🥁 🃏 💓

18. Share tips for surviving querying and submissions.

Use the process as an opportunity for continual improvement for everything you have in your author toolbox: query, MS, website, social media, etc. And take breaks when you need a mental reprieve from rejection.

19. How did you deal with rejection?

It was sooooooooooo hard at times. There were plenty of tears and many "maybe I just wasn't meant to be an author" moments...but even if I wanted to quit, I couldn't. It became this weird kind of gambler's-high, but I was constantly improving my work in the process - that was the important part that I think ultimately landed me my book contract with a publisher. My end goal was always publication, not necessarily securing an agent. It took me a while to realize that going about the publication process was possible without an agent!

(FYI - being a stay-at-home mom AND a writer is like the worst recipe for isolation and self-doubt, so shout-out to all the stay at home/work-at-home moms and dads - I got your back.)

20. What was your editing process like?

It took me about a year to write my first draft, then 5 months to completely rewrite a second draft. My book is currently under first round edits with my editor.

21. Who did you first tell about your book contract?

My husband. :)

22. What are your writing rituals?

I need my MS playlist, tea/coffee and a quiet room.

23. Are there any "Easter eggs" in your book?

Oh, yes! Quite a few of them, actually. I pulled inspiration from Cinderella, Frozen, favorite movie scenes and my own life. One of my favorites is an event planner I snuck into the storyline as an homage to my events background.

24. One thing you and your MC have in common is...

We're both blonde.

(Boring, I know, but I don't want to give too much away)

25. What are you working on now?

A (potential) sequel to The King's 100.

26. Has the way you write changed?

Yes, I have a better understanding for what is needed in a successful manuscript and keep that in mind with my new WIP's.

27. How do you stay motivated?

My husband is my biggest cheerleader. :) I'm lucky to have the support of friends, family and the writing community! I also listen to positive and encouraging hypno-audios from Gracia Gillund Hypnotherapy.

28. What book(s) are you currently reading?

I just read book 3 in the Stalking Jack the Ripper series and I can't wait to read the series finale!

29. What do you wish you knew before you started?

I wish I knew about small press publishers before I started the querying process!

30. Shout out to your CP's and betas.

Mary Kate, Gracia, Jobin, Danny and Tony are the best CP's a girl could ask for! And thanks to my sister for her honest and surprisingly positive feedback on her first dive into YA romance!

31. Where can we find more about you?

Twitter: @BiggsWrites


<3 Karin

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